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With Magzmaker you tell your story your way. Design any combination of text, images, animations, videos, social sharing; everything is possible. Your audience is guaranteed to get drawn into your story.

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Create your own look and feel

With our range of templates, you can yourself design the look and feel of your online publication. With drag and drop functionalities, you determine the layout and select the parts you need. This makes it easy to create an attractive, functional visual form.

Always 100% responsive

From smartphone to desktop: your magazine is fully responsive. Always.

Use video and animation

The advantage of interactive, online publications is that you have so many image opportunities! You can insert videos, but you can also animate complete pages. It will be a dynamic, jaw dropping experience that keeps your audience on the edge of their seats.

Publish and see what your users do

Of course you want to see the click pattern of your readers? Where do they click on, where do they stay longer and what do they skip? With the integration of Google Analytics in Magzmaker, you have easy insight into the behavior of your audience. Monitoring and optimizing your publications becomes a piece of cake.

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Unlimited designing and publishing

Design your own templates

Helpdesk support

Google Analytics integration

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